Lunch Menu

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Tacos, Enchiladas & Tortas


(Served with a bullet of guacamole and a bullet of mexican street corn)

Shrimp Alambre (2)

Planchada corn quesadilla / grilled diced shrimp / onions / bell peppers / bacon

Carne Asada (2)
Carne asada grilled beef tacos / sautéed corn / poblano peppers / planchada quesadilla

Pastor Pork (2)
Grilled marinated pork / grilled pineapple / planchada quesadilla

Carnitas (3)
Pork carnitas / pico de gallo / planchada quesadilla
(served with white rice and black beans)

Diego Rivera Tacos (3)
Diced grilled fajita steak / planchada quesadilla / grilled poblanos / grilled cactus leaves/ grilled pineapple / grilled white onions


“Arrachera”  (fajita) Steak Tacos (3)
Diced grilled fajita steak / grated cheese

CINCO Fish Tacos(2)
Grilled fish in zara sauce / cole slaw / pickled red onions / tomatoes / chipotle mayo / planchada quesadilla

Rib Eye Tacos(2)
Thin sliced griddled rib eye / planchada quesadilla




(Two pieces, served with white rice)

Fajita Poblano

Grilled fajita steak / poblano pepper sauce / melted cheese

Chicken Mole 
Chicken filled enchiladas / house made mole / chihuahua  grated cheese / marinated slaw  / black sesame seeds

Sautéed Chicken 
Sautéed chicken / tomato sauce / grated Chihuahua cheese / fresh cilantro


Cheese and Chorizo Enfrijoladas 
Filled with grilled panela cheese / black bean sauce /chorizo / fresh “crema”(cream) / red onions / avocado slice

Shrimp Poblano 
Sautéed shrimp with tomato and onions / creamy poblano sauce / grated cheese

Spinach, corn and mushroom enchiladas / guajillo sauce / fried beets / fresh radish




Pork Carnitas 
Toasted bread / avocado / lettuce /tomato / pork carnitas / chihuahua cheese / seasoned fries

Beef milanesa steak /avocado / tomato / cilantro mayonnaise / seasoned fries

Add a cup of black bean soup or small house salad




Chef´s Specials

Grilled Zarandeado
Marinated with soy, garlic, mustard and chipotle sauce/ white rice / seasoned steamed veggies




Chicken Breast “Moctezuma”
Grilled chicken breast marinated in achiote and herbs / panela cheese / grilled cactus leaves / caramelized onions

Mahi Veracruz 
6 oz sautéed mahi / tomato sauce / olives / capers / bell and California peppers / white wine / bay leaves / white rice / seasoned steamed veggies

Salmon Poblano 
6 oz grilled marinated salmon / poblano pepper / corn, onion and cheese garnish / black bean chipotle sauce / fried spinach

Grilled Fajitas 
Grilled fajita steak or grilled chicken breast or both / bell peppers / onions / rice / beans




Tostadas & Ceviches

2 Pacific Ceviche Tostadas 
(1 fish, 1 shrimp)
Marinated in key lime / tomato /cilantro / onions

Aztec Shrimp Ceviche
Shrimp marinated in key lime / grilled cactus leaves / tomato / avocado / onions / serrano pepper / pasilla pepper


Tropical Seafood Ceviche
Fish and shrimp marinated in key lime / tomato / onions / pineapple / mango / a touch of ginger / cilantro / avocado


Soups & Salads

TIalpeño Seafood Soup


Tomato and seafood broth / rice / vegetables / fish / shrimp / calamari /avocado / panela cheese

Merida Black Bean Soup


Creamy black bean and chipotle soup/ tortilla strips / panela cheese / pasilla pepper

CINCO TACOS Grilled Salad
Mixed greens / house vinaigrette / grilled vegetables /toasted panela cheese / peanuts

With Grilled chicken 

With Grilled shrimp

Ceasar Salad 
Romaine lettuce / ceasar dressing / fresh parmesan cheese / garlic croutons

With Grilled chicken 

With Grilled shrimp 

Panela Salad 
Mixed greens / avocado / tomatoes / toasted panela cheese / with a “chile de arbol” olive oil and key lime dressing

Add grilled chicken 

Add grilled shrimp

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Mini Dessert Menu

Aztec Brownie


Corn Cake